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Customer Thank You Note for Brand Building (+ Examples) 

Brand building is a part of business strategy. It is the process of creating a brand identity or even defining its personality. It is not only about marketing or advertisement but also about creating value for customers. Brand building also entails communicating the brand’s message and maintaining customer relationships. And today, we’re going to talk about the latter in detail. 

Thanking customers may be one of the ways of maintaining business relationships and building your brand. A customer thank you note may seem like a small customer interaction component, but it is crucial! 


Why sending a thank you note is important?

There’re many reasons why such notes to valued customers are important. Here are the essential ones.

Expressing gratitude 

Primarily, it’s a way of showing gratitude towards both a loyal customer and a first time customer. When sending a thank you message, you can show customer appreciation for their time and engagement. Remember that customers are the reason you exist – that’s why it’s good to send a few words and say thank you. 

Additionally, such a note may improve customer satisfaction and help you gain more loyal customers (which ensures repeat business and referrals).

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You can build your brand 

A thank you note may help you to build your brand. When you send a message like this, you strengthen your business by implying your philosophy and raising brand awareness. Also, new customers can immediately get an idea of your company’s personality.

Templates save time 

Having a ready-made thank you note saves plenty of time. For instance, when your work is piling up, can you imagine manually writing all thank you notes? Exactly. 

With canned responses, you only need to choose a template, edit it if necessary and send it. In addition, customer service tools like Responso enable you can create your own templates and send them in no time. 

💡 Using the customer service helpdesk is also a helpful tool for improving your ecommerce workflow.

Thank you notes improve customer experience 

A thank you note is a small but powerful way to improve user experience. A message like this (both handwritten and digital) conveys that you value your customers and their interactions with you. It makes customer connection stronger. Additionally, it gives a personal touch that can make a big difference in how prospects and loyal customers feel about your business. 

So, it’s worth going the extra mile and preparing a couple of notes for different occasions. 

You build customer loyalty

If you take care of your prospects at every stage of the customer journey, it is most probable that they will want to continue doing business with you. So, in other words, it’s likely for them to become a loyal customer. 

Building loyalty is an essential part of your customer service strategy. And providing thank you notes after the purchase (and not only) is an excellent way of doing this.

If you haven’t included thank you notes in your customer experience strategy yet, now is the time to start! But, first, let us shows you what a note may look like.

Thank you note examples 

Here are a few examples of thank you notes. You’re welcome to change it as you like. Add characteristic points. For instance, greetings that your brand is known for or emojis. And most primarily – appreciate customer loyalty.

#1 Thank you for your purchase 

Good to see you back, [Name]!, 

Thank you for choosing [Product Name]. We hope you’re enjoying your new purchase! 

We would appreciate your feedback on the product. Please, share your thoughts here [Feedback Survey], so we improve our services for you. 

Have a nice day!

Best regards,

[Your Title]

[Your Name]

[Your Company Name]

#2 Thank you for your feedback 

Hi [Name]!

Many thanks for your feedback. We want to change for you! And with your precious suggestions, you make us grow. 

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at [Email Address].

Thank you for being here!


[Your Title]

[Your Name]

[Your Company Name]

#3 Thank you for reporting a problem 

Hello [Name],

We’re incredibly thankful for reporting a problem. We’ve already notified our IT department so it can get fixed as soon as possible.

Whenever you have questions, we are happy to help. Click here [Contact Form Survey] and write us a message.

Again, thank you for your time. 

Best wishes,

[Your Title]

[Your Name]

[Your Company Name]

#4 Thank you for creating an account

Dear [Name],

Your account is ready! It’s great that you decided to be a part of [Company Name] family. Now, you can [Feature 1], [Feature 2], and [Feature 3]. 

In case of any questions, don’t hesitate, and contact us at [Email Address] or write a message to us here [Contact Survey].

Thank you for your trusting us.

Best wishes,

[Your Title]

[Your Name]

[Your Company Name]

#5 Thank you for the first order

Hello [Name],

Thank you for your first purchase! Now you’re a part of [Your Brand]! We hope that you’ll enjoy [Product Name]. 

Here’s a discount code you can use for your next purchase: 


Please, let us know what we can do better next time [Contact Details]. Our support team is glad to help you at any time. 

Thank you again for making your first purchase.

Best wishes,

[Your Title]

[Your Name]

[Your Company Name]

#6 Thank you for joining the loyalty program

Dear [Name],

We are incredibly pleased to have you back – you’re our valued customer. Thank you for signing up for our [Loyalty Program Name]! You’re now a member of [Business Name] family. 

Again, we’re truly grateful for your choosing us.

Have a fantastic week 😊

[Your Title]

[Your Name]

[Your Company Name]

A few best practices when writing a thank you note 

Check out these good business practices.

01 Use simple language

Long sentences, complex grammar structures, and complicated vocabulary – are the elements that you shouldn’t use when writing a thank you letter. 


When a receiver sees an email full of jargon they don’t know, they will probably give up on reading. So to make your effort pay off, ensure that the language is understandable for everyone. Especially if you have foreign customers and you communicate, for example, in English (or any other language used worldwide). 

02 Double-check everything 

Before you send a thank you note to your customers, make sure there are no typos or grammatical errors. To avoid that, check the content of your thank you message a couple of times. The good idea is to ask your colleagues to help you. However, the best would be to ask to proofread it professionally. If there’s no such opportunity, plenty of tools can assist you in catching mistakes.

In a nutshell – any typos or grammatical mistakes will make you look unprofessional. That’s why it is essential to make sure everything is buttoned up.

03 Keep your tone friendly but professional

When writing this kind of message, try to be friendly and make your tone sound respectful and polite. This way, you will be perceived as a professional that cares about customers. For example: 

  • use modal verbs such as ‘would,’ ‘could,’ or ‘might’
  • avoid negative wordings – instead of ‘sorry you had to wait, use ‘thank you for your patience’
  • use lowercase letters instead of all caps
  • try not to overuse emojis

Moreover, ensure it’s not too informal. The person you write to is not your friend but your customer, so you must keep the appropriate tone in mind.

04 Make it personalized

Many tools enable the creation of a personalized thank you letter. And such a message is an excellent opportunity to make the communication effort more personal. Mind including the recipients’ names in the note at the beginning. It makes customers feel valued and grabs the shoppers’ attention.

You can start with:

  • Hi, [Name]!
  • Good to see you back, [Name]!
  • Hello, [Name]!
  • Thank you for being here, [Name]!

Or any other greetings that you can think of. Additionally, it’s also important to remember your brand’s identity. So try to sneak a little bit of it in the first line of the thank you email.

05 Provide an easy-to-read text

A well-formatted text is a key, really. When a recipient sees a long text not divided into paragraphs, they will probably quit even starting to read it. That’s why keeping the email structure clear and easy to read is vital. 

Remember to click enter when you start a new idea. Also, you can write in bold the most critical information (like coupon code). Doing this, you will draw to reader’s attention to the most relevant details. 

06 Keep cross-selling to a minimum

You can use many channels for cross-selling – social media, your Facebook fan page, or your online store. Your thank you note primary purpose is to express true gratitude, not increase sales. 

Sure, you can recommend alternative products after making the purchase. But don’t make it overly promotional, and remember that gratitude calls the tune here.

07 Remember to include all essential elements

To make a note complete, consider including these elements:

  • a subject line ( e.g., Thank you so much)
  • the final line (e.g., Again, thanks for the continued patronage, You are our valued customer)
  • business appropriate closing (e.g., Best regards, Best)
  • recipient’s name 
  • your company’s name 
  • customer service representative’s name 

To add a personal touch, you can sign off ( as if you were writing a handwritten note ) at the end of the message.

Of course, you may add any other business appropriate closings or change the rest of the elements. So, try to include them, then tweak them to match your brand’s personality.

How can Responso help you with sending Thank You Note?

If you’re wondering how to send thank you messages to your customers, Responso might be the answer. It is a cloud-based helpdesk that will help you to show customer appreciation, improve customer satisfaction, and enhance word of mouth marketing! 

Responso - customer thank you note tool

Let’s see how the software can help you express gratitude.

Text proofreader assistance 

Do you want your messages to be errors free? Responso offers an in-built text proofreader. It helps with text correction and highlights all the mistakes. With such help, you save time by checking the content on the spot instead of outsourcing tools. Your sales representative will love it!

Message signatures 

With Responso, you can end each message with your signature. So take a moment, and create one. As a result, your customers will remember your brand better. Also, a signature at the end of a thank you note is a great way to finish it.

Autoresponder and automatic actions

Autoresponder sends messages under the condition you set. For instance, you can use it after new customers send you feedback. And Responso makes it super easy and quick. By using automatic actions, you can send a thank you note after your customers leave you a review. A timely reply may increase customer satisfaction and make customers feel valued. 

📰 Check out how to use customer service software to gather feedback.

Unified mailbox 

With a unified mailbox, you can see all the incoming messages in one place, for example, customer feedback. Therefore, it is very convenient and saves a lot of time. Moreover, you can manage emails and messages without switching between tabs. 

Responso delivers many features that make answering customer requests a smooth process and organize your work. These are messages tagging, statuses, or tracking outgoing email messages. 

See all the Responso features and the pricing.

Reply templates

Pre-made templates are a game-changer. Can you imagine typing thank you notes manually every time? Or coming back every time to your excel sheet to look for templates that you made yourself? It may work for sure, but Responso comes with a better solution. 

With Responso free templates, you can easily access the pre-written thank you notes. Also, you can change it as you like by adding your recipient’s name or adding your signature.

In case of any questions, check out the Responso FAQ section.

Customer thank you note for brand building: conclusion

Saying thank you to new and returning customers is essential these days. But, it is not only a reply. There’s something more behind it. With a thank you message, you can create a business relationship, build your brand and make customers feel appreciated. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a large company, a small business, or a mid-sized one – appreciation messages are always valued.

With Responso, you can increase customer satisfaction and WOW them with appreciation messages. Check it out in practice and sign up for a free trial

Good luck 🍀

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