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Step by step: How to Get Ungated on Amazon

Are you interested in selling food or clothing on Amazon? Perhaps you’re seeking higher profits? If you want to learn more about gated categories and how to become ungated on Amazon, you’re in the right place! While the process isn’t simple, there are valuable benefits waiting behind ‘the gate.’ Curious about how to start the process? Here’s the answer!

Gated Categories on Amazon

Being “gated” on Amazon refers to a situation where certain sellers or products are subject to restrictions, preventing them from being listed or sold on the platform. These restrictions are typically implemented for various reasons, including maintaining quality control, upholding brand integrity, and ensuring that only authorized sellers can offer specific products. The gating process involves a review, during which sellers must obtain approval from Amazon before they can list certain products in specific categories. It’s important to note that the list of gated categories is not fixed. As of 2023, restrictions apply to the following categories, among others:

  • Automotive
  • Baby Feeding, Diapers, Stroller And Carrier
  • Candle And Aromatherapy
  • Chargers And Batteries
  • Dietary Supplements
  • Grocery And Gourmet Food
  • Hair Care And Beauty Appliances
  • Music
  • Pet Supplies
  • Toys
  • Watches

You can find the complete list within your Seller Central.

Getting Ungated on Amazon – Pros and Cons

Why even consider it? Here are some potential advantages of selling in gated categories:

Diversification of Product Portfolio. Gating often limits sellers to certain categories; by getting ungated, you can diversify your product offerings, reducing the risk of over-reliance on a single product or category.

Increased Sales Opportunities. Ungating can expand your product range, attracting a broader customer base and potentially leading to increased sales and revenue.

Competitive Advantage. If a particular category is gated and has fewer sellers, getting ungated can give you a competitive advantage as you’ll have less competition to contend with.

Higher Perceived Legitimacy. Being ungated signifies that you have met Amazon’s requirements and standards for selling in certain categories, which can boost your credibility and legitimacy in the eyes of customers.

Growth and Scaling. Ungating allows you to scale your business by exploring new product lines or categories that were previously inaccessible.

Brand Building. If you have a brand, getting ungated can allow you to establish a stronger presence on Amazon and control how your brand is represented.

Potential for Higher Margins. Some gated categories or brands might have higher profit margins due to limited competition and higher demand.

And what about the downsides? The process of getting ungated can be challenging, involving document submissions, meeting specific criteria, and potentially incurring additional fees. Ungating doesn’t guarantee success; thorough research and strategic planning are essential to effectively capitalize on the opportunities unlocked by becoming ungated.

What Do You Have to Do, to Get Ungated on Amazon?

The process of getting ungated on Amazon can vary depending on the specific category or brand you’re interested in. Generally, you’ll need to provide documentation and meet certain criteria to prove your authenticity and eligibility to sell in the gated category. Here’s a general outline of the steps you might need to take:

#1 Create a Professional Seller Account

Ensure you have a Professional Seller Account on Amazon. Individual accounts may have limitations on selling in certain categories.

#2 Research and Identify the Gated Category

Determine the specific category or brand you want to get ungated in. Amazon’s gated categories can include products like certain electronics, health and beauty items, clothing, and more.

#3 Gather Documentation

Amazon may require you to submit various documents to prove your authenticity, legitimacy, and compliance with their guidelines. These documents might include:

    • Invoices: Provide invoices or receipts from authorized distributors or manufacturers to prove the authenticity of the products you intend to sell.
    • Product Images: High-quality images of the products you plan to list for sale.
    • Brand Authorization: If you’re trying to sell a specific brand, you might need to provide documentation showing you’re an authorized reseller.

#4 Submit the Application

Access the “Selling Application” in your Seller Central account, and select the category or brand you want to get ungated in. Follow the prompts to submit your documentation and information.

#5 Wait for Review

Amazon will review your application and documentation. This process can take several days or even weeks. Be patient and ensure you’ve provided accurate and complete information.

#6 Follow Up and Address Requests

If Amazon requires additional information or documents, be responsive and provide the requested materials promptly.

#7 Comply with Guidelines

Ensure you understand and comply with all Amazon policies, including listing guidelines, pricing rules, and quality standards.

#8 Pay Attention to Fees

Some categories might have additional fees associated with becoming ungated. Make sure you’re aware of any potential costs.

Once you’re ungated, focus on maintaining high-quality listings, excellent customer service, and adherence to Amazon’s rules to build a successful presence in the category.

Remember that the specific requirements and process can differ for each gated category or brand. It’s recommended to review Amazon’s official documentation and guidelines for ungating specific categories and to reach out to Amazon Seller Support if you have any questions or need assistance during the ungating process.

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