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Automatic actions

Responso is a game-changer when it comes to saving your time. The app automates repetitive tasks based on rules that you can easily set up.

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Automatic actions

Our clients already savethousands of hours thanks to automatic actions.

Be an innovative leader. Optimize your team’s work.

Effective customer service management

Responso assigns each message to the right category in real time according to previously defined rules. Communication with clients can become faster.
Effective customer service management

Rules based on keywords

When a specific keyword appears in a customer's message, Responso initiates a designated action: assigning the case to a certain agent, sending an opinion request, labeling the case with a proper tag, and many more.
Rules based on keywords

Tags to organize messages

Afraid of drowning in customer requests? Not with Responso. Our tagging system lets you keep your inbox clean. By using tags you can also complete automatic actions.
Tags to organize messages

Responsiveness is your strength

Your customers will never have to wait long for a reply thanks to our autoresponder, which is one of the possible automatic actions. You can respond during your out-of-office hours, holidays, or whenever else you need to.
Responsiveness is your strength

How to Enable This Feature?

Check out our documentation. We have prepared instructions that explain the process step by step.
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