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Responso: boost your sales with customer service

Happy customers keep coming back and buying more. Choose Responso to meet their expectations and keep them satisfied.

The numbers don’t lie

  • 20+

    tools & platforms that integrate with Responso

  • 98%

    shorter response times

  • 3,5 mln

    autoresponders sent

  • 98,5%

    of clients choose to stay with us

We have the integrations you need

Responso works with many popular solutions for e-commerce, including marketplaces, e-shop platforms, email inboxes, communicators, and social media.

Responso’s essentials

strzałkaReturns and Complaints
strzałkaArtificial Intelligence
strzałkaAutomatic Actions


Crucial for maintaining ratings on Amazon, but incredibly helpful on other channels as well. With over 20 conditions, you can set an unlimited number of different automatic responses for vacation time, returns, and… (insert any situation here). A must-have!


That’s not even all of the integrations we offer. Our clients' needs are growing, and so are we!

They chose to be successful with Responso

  • Paweł Polcyn Filtreo

    Finally! We have it. A tool that allows you to freely scale the company with a sense of control over the process. I don’t know how long we managed without Responso. The customer service department in our company is divided into 2 eras: old, lazy, when there were still some fuck ups, and new, after we introduced this wonderful too.

  • Przemysław Serwa MamaMargaret

    We have several accounts: Baselinker, Allegro, eBay, Amazon, Gmail accounts … Responso allows us to manage customer communication from one place and optimise all related processes. It is still being developed and open to our suggestions. I recommend Responso to every ecommerce seller.

  • Bartłomiej Wapiński GMTO

    Responso has helped us significantly improve our response time results. When we tried to respond to customers by ourselves, despite our very quick reactions, the response time was 5 hours or more. The reason was obvious: no one responds to emails outside working hours. Today our response time for messages is 4 minutes. This difference determines our position on Allegro!

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In business, count only on what works in practice rather than in theory. That’s why you can use the full version of Responso for 14 days, for free. And we don’t even need your card details. 

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