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  • Unlimited integrations with channels such as: eBay, Amazon, Shopee and many more
  • Unlimited number of mailboxes
  • Unlimited number of messages
  • Unlimited chat history
  • 5 GB of disk space
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18USD / mth. 79PLN / mth. 17EUR / mth. 15GBP / mth. 93BRL / mth. 16USD / mth. 71PLN / mth. 15EUR / mth. 13GBP / mth. 82BRL / mth.

For an agent

Choose a package
  • Unlimited integrations with channels such as: eBay, Amazon, Shopee and many more
  • Unlimited number of mailboxes
  • Unlimited number of messages
  • Unlimited chat history
  • 10 GB of disk space
  • Text proofreader
  • Two-step verification
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Scale your business across multiple markets with no limits!

28USD / mth. 119PLN / mth. 25EUR / mth. 22GBP / mth. 140BRL / mth. 25USD / mth. 107PLN / mth. 22EUR / mth. 20GBP / mth. 126BRL / mth.

For an agent

Choose a package
  • Unlimited integrations with channels such as: eBay, Amazon, Shopee and many more
  • Unlimited number of mailboxes
  • Unlimited number of messages
  • Unlimited chat history
  • 30 GB of disk space
  • Text proofreader
  • Two-step verification
  • API access
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  • Individual system modifications
  • Creating dedicated integrations
  • Additional Support Services

Support and services:

  • Individual implementation
  • Full system configuration
  • Dedicated phone support and priority chat queue

Responso is the answer to the needs of every eCommerce seller

Messages from multiple channels in one place

Messages from multiple channels in one place

Responso was created with your convenience in mind. We know that if you operate on several marketplaces, the number of messages can be large – respond to your customers’ requests from many channels through one panel.
The work of the entire team from one panel

The work of the entire team from one panel

The scale of your business does not matter to us – you can hire an entire customer service department, and each of your employees will have their own mailbox to avoid clutter in communications with customers.
Integrations with the most popular marketplaces

Integrations with the most popular marketplaces

It doesn’t matter how many accounts you use in your business. Responso allows you to integrate with any number of accounts from all marketplaces you operate on. We do not charge you any additional costs.
Intelligent autoresponder

Intelligent autoresponder

Our autoresponder will surprise you and your customers with its possibilities. It allows you to flexibly set messages to strictly defined groups of recipients. Thanks to this, they feel that they are being contacted by a real employee of your company’s customer service office.
Quick reply templates

Quick reply templates

Responso’s quick reply templates will help you answer repetitive questions from your customers, saving you a lot of time.

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Standard Business Enterprise
Price/month (billed annually)
8 GPB/mth for an agent
13 GPB/mth for an agent
20 GPB/mth for an agent
Price/month (billed monthly)
9 GPB/mth for an agent
15 GPB/mth for an agent
22 GPB/mth for an agent


Standard Business Enterprise
Unlimited integrations
Unlimited channels
Unlimited email accounts
Unlimited number of integrations with online stores
Unlimited number of e-mail channels
Unlimited number of social media channels
Unlimited number of international markets
Unlimited number of messages
Unlimited chat history

Responso functionalities

Standard Business Enterprise
Text proofreaderResponso will make sure that every message sent to your clients is written perfectly, incl. thanks to highlighting errors and automatic correction.
Two-step verificationIf you want to be more sure that your business is secure, use double authorization. Thanks to this functionality, you will effectively protect your and your customers' data.
Multiple mailboxesAt Responso, you add as many mailboxes as you need.
AutoresponderResponso sends personalised automatic replies to your store's customers.
Automatic actionsThe application does the repetitive tasks for you. You only take care of its initial configuration.
Quick reply templatesWith Responso, you don't waste time answering the same questions over and over again. You prepare ready-made templates, which you can then place in messages to customers with 1 click.
Tracking of outgoing email messagesYou don't have to worry that your messages won't reach the recipient. You have access to extensive message flow monitoring tools.
Message signaturesThanks to personalised message signatures, customers remember your brand better. At Responso, you create them with ease.
Customer DetailsWhen considering the application, you have ongoing access to customer data, thanks to which you immediately know all of the details of their purchases.
Private NotesAt Responso, you improve communication management thanks to notes that allow you to better manage the work of the customer service department.
TaggingYou don't have to wonder if your application has been considered. You can assign specific tags to each of them, thanks to which you can better control the incoming reports.
Message statusesAt Responso, you can easily organise your messages according to the status of your application. You can create your own statuses corresponding to the rules in force in your company.
Setting prioritiesIn Responso, you can set a priority for all reports. Thanks to this, you can be sure that urgent matters are always dealt with first.
SLA counterWith Responso, you can easily customise your ticket management protocols, such as answering inquiries from Allegro and Shopee within 24 hours.
Details of the orderFrom the application level, you have immediate access to all details regarding a given order. This allows you to solve your clients' cases more efficiently.


Standard Business Enterprise
Custom domainsWe want your company to stand out from the competition, so we let you set your own domains. As a result, customers remember your brand better.
Custom filtersManaging activities in Responso is made easier by filters that you can customise in any way.
Custom reply addressesYou have the option to set any email address from which you send and receive customer messages.

Statistics and reports

Standard Business Enterprise
First answer timeThe report allows you to accurately measure the time it takes for employees to send the first response to customer requests.
Time for the next replyWith Responso’s reporting, you can measure exactly the time agents take to respond to customer requests.
Message sourcesWith the messages feed report, you will find out which sales channel is producing the most requests.
Heatmap Thanks to the heat maps, you will find out on which days and at what times the most customer requests are received.
Agents’ efficiencyThe Agent Effectiveness Report details the effectiveness of each employee dealing with customer notifications.
ProductsThanks to the product report, you will find out which product generates the highest number of inquiries.


Standard Business Enterprise
Collecting feedback from multiple sourcesWith Responso, you can easily collect customer feedback from various sales channels.
Feedback managementAt the Responso level, you have access to all opinions and you can filter them in any way.
Automatic removal requestsIf you get a negative opinion, Responso will automatically send a message to its author. Of course, with any content you choose.
Automatic repliesWith Responso, you don't waste time sending manual messages to your customers, e.g. thanking them for positive feedback. Our tool does everything for you.
Feedback on every conversation with the clientIn the Responso panel, when you conduct a conversation with a client, you have access to all the opinions that the client has given you.

Returns and complaints

Standard Business Enterprise
Scanning the consignment noteThanks to Responso, you do not have to enter the information from the consignment note manually. All you need to do is scan the barcode and the application will automatically find the return along with the related order.
Reports for returnsAt Responso, you can generate a report with all the information on returns in your store with one click. You will learn which product generates the most returns and its percentage of returns among all returns.
Automatic reminder about the date of the complaintDon’t worry about forgetting to reply to your complaint within the statutory 14 days. Responso will remind you of everything.
Autoresponder for return or complaintCustomers will appreciate your commitment to handling their returns and complaints. Responso always notifies them when you register a new complaint.
Integration with the BaseLinker systemBy linking Responso with BaseLinker, all information about orders will be in one application panel. You don’t have to jump between applications.
Ticket view for returnsAfter entering the ticket, the entire conversation regarding the ticket will appear. One click takes you to the order in the BaseLinker app.
Refund of commission on Allegro When a customer returns a product purchased in your store, you can easily send a request to Allegro for a commission refund from within Responso.
Returning the payment to the customerWhen it is necessary to make a refund, Responso will redirect you to a subpage where you can immediately refund the payment.
Assigning notifications to a selected employee and department The application allows you to assign reports to specific employees. The application provides robust organisation of the work of the entire team.
Filtering notificationsIn Responso, you can create any filters, through which all messages are organised – thanks to the application, you will not drown in a sea of tickets. Notifications can be filtered, for example, by status, tags, number of the bill of lading.


Standard Business Enterprise
Extensive knowledge base
Email support
Chat support
Access to periodic configuration webinars

All integrations in one place!

Integrate all off your messages in one place and improve the flow
of messages through intelligent Responso functions.

All integrations in one place! Check out all of our integrations

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We have been trusted by thousands of retailers and brands around the world


 Finally! We have it. A tool that allows you to freely scale the company with a sense of control over the process. I don’t know how long we managed without Responso. The customer service department in our company is divided into 2 eras: old, lazy, when there were still some fuck ups, and new, after we introduced this wonderful tool 😉

Paweł Polcyn, CEO in Filtreo

We have several accounts: Baselinker, Allegro, eBay, Amazon, Gmail accounts … Responso allows us to manage customer communication from one place and optimise all related processes. It is still being developed and open to our suggestions. I recommend Responso to every e-commerce seller.


I have been using the Responso tool from the very beginning, I am impressed with its operation and simplicity. Thanks to this application, we save time and avoid mistakes in multi-channel customer service, which is crucial for our business. Great software and a very helpful customer service team, I would recommend it to any e-commerce seller with a clear conscience.

Mateusz Grzywnowicz, CEO


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Responso?

Responso is a customer service software that allows you to effectively manage inquiries and messages from multiple sources in one place. Our tool allows you to improve the response rate and automate relationships with customers, which definitely improves Relevance on Shopee, eBay and Amazon.

Can I try the system before buying?

Before you decide to buy our services, you can test the program without any obligations for 14 days. During the test period, the system is fully functional.

Who is an agent?

Each agent is a system user to which specific customer inquiries or discussions can be assigned. It is worth knowing that in the Responso system you can assign a user the role of an administrator or an agent.

Is it possible to issue a VAT invoice?

Yes, we provide VAT invoices.

Do you have any more questions? We have the answers!

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