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Amazon’s Choice Badge – What Is It and How Do I Get One?

All e-commerce entrepreneurs want to find the ultimate way to increase their sales on Amazon. Of course, good prices, appealing product photos, and great customer

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What is Client Service Excellence (and Why Should You Care in 2023)?

When it comes to customer satisfaction, it’s no longer enough to just provide a good product or service. Companies need to go beyond that and

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How to Automate Tasks with a Customer Service Solution?

Automation is a game changer when it comes to customer service. It helps to provide users with a smooth customer journey and seamless experience. Also, 

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3 Steps to Automate Customer Support in Your Store

Automation is increasingly becoming a necessary part of any successful business. It helps improve operational efficiency, streamline processes, and reduce operating costs. However, if you

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10 Reasons Why Ecommerce Stores Need Customer Support Software

Reliable customer support software is the backbone of any ecommerce business. It is a surefire way to succeed in customer support. Still not convinced? We’ve

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Customer Thank You Note for Brand Building (+ Examples) 

Brand building is a part of business strategy. It is the process of creating a brand identity or even defining its personality. It is not

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