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Amazon’s Choice Badge – What Is It and How Do I Get One?

All e-commerce entrepreneurs want to find the ultimate way to increase their sales on Amazon. Of course, good prices, appealing product photos, and great customer service are essential, but there are other tricks that can help you sell more.

The Amazon’s Choice Badge is one of them.

What Does Amazon’s Choice Mean?

Amazon uses badges to distinguish products and help buyers find the best possible option among all the others. Specifically, the Amazon’s Choice badge labels products that are the best match for customers’ keywords. That’s a great opportunity for you. Why?

  1. Products with the badge are more visible to customers. The label draws attention, which is a big advantage on a list full of similar (at least in the buyers’ eyes) items.
  2. If Amazon chooses your product, for customers, that means you are a reliable, solid seller. And trust is everything for a seller.
  3. Obvious and most wanted – the badge will drive your sales and get you more customers!

Amazon’s Choice vs Best Seller – What’s the Difference Between the Badges?

Both are great ways to attract customers, but are given for different reasons. While the Best Seller badge is for products with the highest sales rate within its category, Amazon’s Choice is the best match for a specific search. According to Amazon, it highlights highly rated, well-priced products available to ship immediately. Importantly, the Best Seller can be only one for a category and Amazon’s Choice is unlimited.

How to get Amazon’s Choice Badge

It’s time to ask the question that has definitely already popped into your head: What can you do, exactly, to become Amazon’s Choice? Amazon’s algorithm for selecting products for the badge is not publicly disclosed, however we have some tips for you.

Focus on relevant keywords

Do some research and choose the best keywords for your products. Try to think like your customers, who often search for a solution to a problem rather than a specific item. Keep in mind that the more popular the keyword, the bigger the competition.

Prime-eligible is a must

Fast shipping (within two days) is crucial when you want to earn the Amazon’s Choice badge. The easiest way to ensure that is Prime. Eligibility for Prime is the default for FBA business.

Take care of your Seller Rating

Your Seller Rating is an evaluation of your performance. Amazon considers the shipping time, feedback and how long customers have to wait for your answer when they have questions. With a high rating, you are more likely to get the badge.

Monitor your competitors’ prices

Amazon highlights products that are well-priced. Of course, that doesn’t mean the cheapest. To earn the Amazon’s Choice badge, your prices need to be competitive, so it’s important to know how much other sellers in your category are charging.

Pay attention to your customers’ satisfaction

Last but not least: high-quality customer service is key. Not only to get the badge, but to be successful on Amazon and other marketplaces in general. It’s not easy to answer customers’ messages quickly and comprehensively when you have hundreds of product sales via many channels. Fortunately, there is a solution that can make your daily work easier and more effective.

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